vhdlpp Command Line Flags

  • -D <token>

    Debug flags. The token can be:

    • yydebug | no-yydebug

    • entities=<path>

  • -L <path>

    Library path. Add the directory name to the front of the library search path. The library search path is initially empty.

  • -V

    Display version on stdout

  • -v

    Verbose: Display version on stderr, and enable verbose messages to stderr.

  • -w <path>

    Work path. This is the directory where the working directory is.

Library Format

The vhdlpp program stores libraries as directory that contain packages. The name of the directory (in lower case) is the name of the library as used on the “import” statement. Within that library, there are packages in files named <foo>.pkg. For example:


Use the “+vhdl-libdir+<directory>” record in a config file to tell Icarus Verilog that <directory> is a place to look for libraries. Then in your VHDL code, access packages like this:

library sample;
library bar;
use sample.test1.all;
use bar.test3.all;

The *.pkg files are just VHDL code containing only the package with the same name. When Icarus Verilog encounters the “use <lib>.<name>.*;” statement, it looks for the <name>.pkg file in the <lib> library and parses that file to get the package header declared therein.