Verilog-A math library


Verilog-A math library built for Icarus Verilog

Copyright (C) 2007-2024 Cary R. (

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Standard Verilog-A Mathematical Functions.

The va_math VPI module implements all the standard math functions provided by Verilog-A as Verilog-D system functions. The names are the same except like all Verilog-D system functions the name must be prefixed with a ‘$’. For reference the functions are:

$ln(x)       --  Natural logarithm
$log10(x)    --  Decimal logarithm
$exp(x)      --  Exponential
$sqrt(x)     --  Square root
$min(x,y)    --  Minimum
$max(x,y)    --  Maximum
$abs(x)      --  Absolute value
$floor(x)    --  Floor
$ceil(x)     --  Ceiling
$pow(x,y)    --  Power (x**y)
$sin(x)      --  Sine
$cos(x)      --  Cosine
$tan(x)      --  Tangent
$asin(x)     --  Arc-sine
$acos(x)     --  Arc-cosine
$atan(x)     --  Arc-tangent
$atan2(y,x)  --  Arc-tangent of y/x
$hypot(x,y)  --  Hypotenuse (sqrt(x**2 + y**2))
$sinh(x)     --  Hyperbolic sine
$cosh(x)     --  Hyperbolic cosine
$tanh(x)     --  Hyperbolic tangent
$asinh(x)    --  Arc-hyperbolic sine
$acosh(x)    --  Arc-hyperbolic cosine
$atanh(x)    --  Arc-hyperbolic tangent

The only limit placed on the x and y arguments by the library is that they must be numbers (not constant strings). The underlying C library controls any other limits placed on the arguments. Most libraries return +-Inf or NaN for results that cannot be represented with real numbers. All functions return a real result.

Standard Verilog-A Mathematical Constants.

The Verilog-A mathematical constants can be accessed by including the “constants.vams” header file. It is located in the standard include directory. Recent version of Icarus Verilog (0.9.devel) automatically add this directory to the end of the list used to find include files. For reference the mathematical constants are:

`M_PI        --  Pi
`M_TWO_PI    --  2*Pi
`M_PI_2      --  Pi/2
`M_PI_4      --  Pi/4
`M_1_PI      --  1/Pi
`M_2_PI      --  2/Pi
`M_2_SQRTPI  --  2/sqrt(Pi)
`M_E         --  e
`M_LOG2E     --  log base 2 of e
`M_LOG10E    --  log base 10 of e
`M_LN2       --  log base e of 2
`M_LN10      --  log base e of 10
`M_SQRT2     --  sqrt(2)
`M_SQRT1_2   --  1/sqrt(2)

Using the Library.

Just add “-m va_math” to your iverilog command line/command file and `include the “constants.vams” file as needed.


I would like to thank Larry Doolittle for his suggestions and Stephen Williams for developing Icarus Verilog.